• Reviews for Derek Goulette

    Kimberly F

    August 14,2019

    Derek was amazing! He and his staff made our home purchase so easy. He was there to answer any questions we had and to help in anyway he could. I would highly recommended Derek to anyone who needs his services.

  • Luis F

    August 14,2019

    Derek is fantastic to work with. He understood our situation and worked with us to meet timelines. He was extremely helpful and always available to answer questions even over weekends and late into the night. We would give him our business anytime.

  • luis f

    August 13,2019

    Derek is fantastic to work with. He understood our situation and worked with us to meet timelines. He was extremely helpful and always available to answer questions even over weekends and late into the night. We would give him our business anytime.

  • Bret S

    August 9,2019

    Derek is the sharpest and most available mortgage executive I have known. We consistently come back for all of our mortgage and refinance needs. Would highly recommend Derek as you feel like you’re his only client throughout the whole process.

  • Roger M

    August 6,2019

    He was in a good communication manner all the time and was very helpful in guiding me during the process to acquire my house

  • Trey P

    July 22,2019

    Derek was awesome!

  • Charles M

    July 9,2019

    Working with Derek was easy and pain-free! He took care of everything within his scope and we had minimal duties to fulfill. Thank you Derek!

  • Amber W

    July 1,2019

    Derek was so communicative, and easy to work with. He was knowledgeable and could answer all my questions I had and got me EXACTLY what I wanted as far as an amazing interest rate, and the money back I needed for my new home. His staff was so nice to work with and also so communicative.

  • AmberRoseWidener

    July 1,2019

    Derek was so communicative, and easy to work with. He was knowledgeable and could answer all my questions I had and got me EXACTLY what I wanted as far as an amazing interest rate, and the money back I needed for my new home. His staff was so nice to work with and also so communicative.

  • Molly L

    June 27,2019

    Derek and his team were the most professional every phase of the process . . . from preapproval to close! Easy to communicate with and super responsive when we had questions! I will certainly refer Derek and his team!

  • Walter W

    June 26,2019

    You guys worked hard for us and it was greatly appreciated. It is few and far between now days when you receive good help! Thanks for all you did.

  • Ellita R

    May 26,2019


  • Brandon L

    May 25,2019

    The guidance provided through the entire process.

  • Robin P

    May 6,2019

    Thanks so much for making this so smooth and easy! You were always there to answer questions, and I loved being updated throughout the process.

  • Ruel S

    May 2,2019

    Thank you

  • Stanley C

    April 18,2019

    Derek is a rare breed. He treated me with honesty and transparency throughout the entire process. I typically have apprehension with people in his industry, but Derek is a straight shooter and I felt he was on my team the entire time. He earned my trust and my business.

  • Jay J

    April 1,2019

    Derek and his staff worked very diligently to provide us with efficient and capable service in order to close our loan in a timely manner. We especially appreciate Derek's ability and patience in communicating with two seniors. Thank you!

  • Kevin S

    April 1,2019

    Derek handled our unique situation very well, especially when it changed halfway through the process. Thanks Derek and team!

  • Ryan O

    March 25,2019

    Derek was great to work with on the purchase of our new home. His communication went beyond simply the purchase by setting some financial goals in the immediate future and some years ahead. I have already recommended Derek in this process and will continue to do so. Thank you Derek!

  • zuser201603181053079

    March 13,2019

    My loan was definitely difficult, but Dereck found a way to get it done. He was super responsive and answered questions thoroughly. I was so happy at the end of this process I bought him an expensive bottle of bourbon.

  • Lisa S

    March 5,2019

    Everyone was very nice and easy to work with. The only issue was the last minute extra 2% down.

  • Rayshieta C

    March 5,2019

    Derek is a first rate professional. He is easy to talk to and work with. If something wasnt clear, he was happy to explain without making you feel like you were a bother or asking a stupid question. He was very responsive and never made us feel like we were being ignores or waiting on a response or update. His sense of humor was icing on the cake too! Our experience was great with him and his team from start to finish. No regrets except not coming to him sooner.

  • Renee S

    March 5,2019

    Derek kept us well informed each step of the way. He made us feel at ease and answered our questions expeditiously. He was always very pleasant. I would highly recommend Derek!

  • Curtis C

    March 2,2019

    The communication from beginning to end was stellar. For me, that us the most important part. The numbers are important too but those kind of work themselves out automatically in most cases. If the numbers/process doesnt make sense because the communications isnt effective, then nothing else matters. Derek & Hayley never left us feeling comfused, doubtful or frustrated. Their availability/response time was impeccable. Never making us feel like they were being inconvenienced. Superb work ethic!

  • Marc W

    February 21,2019

    Derek is very attentive and willing to go the extra mile to save us every penny!

  • Corey G

    February 19,2019

    Derek was always available and I was informed every step of the way

  • Philip H

    February 17,2019

    Great service

  • Bradley W

    February 14,2019

    Derek was beyond helpful throughout the process of getting the loan. He was available to speak over the phone or via text messages regularly which made it feel personal and like he cared about his clients. Could not have asked for a better experience and so glad that my agent sent me to Derek and Fairway.

  • Javid R

    February 9,2019

    This man and his team is the best experience ever i had it. Helped me with everything to get deal done. Looking forward to get second house with them!!

  • Vicky K

    January 21,2019

    Very easy to work with. Also, this was the first time a mortgage company got everything they needed from us early on. No last minute document requests just before closing. This is how getting a mortgage is supposed to be. Well done!

  • Sara J

    January 9,2019

    Derek was amazing to work with. He called me within minutes of me sending emails with questions and was very professional and knowledgable. Derek proposed solutions to help us get want we wanted for a price we needed! I would highly recommend him to any of my friends and family.

  • Blake W

    January 3,2019

    Derek was very knowledgeable and friendly as well. Our loan had a few challenges, and Derek navigated is through them expertly - we would HIGHLY recommend him to anyone buying or refinancing a home!

  • Thomas G

    January 1,2019

    Got the job done in spite of some unseen obstacles.

  • Terry T

    December 18,2018

    Very fast and easy process. Was a little concerned with closing numbers but Derek and his team was able to help to make sure i was comfortable with my payment

  • Daniel O

    December 13,2018

    Derek was very easy to get a hold of and was able to explain things so my wife and I could easily understand them.

  • David C

    December 7,2018

    Attention to details and always there to follow up. We really felt like we were a priority to Derek and his team. THANK YOU!

  • Princess J

    November 24,2018

    I started my process with Derek last minute he was able to get me to the closing table in 12 days! Derek is very knowledgeable and easy to work with. Even when He was busy I still felt like I was his only customer. I’m recommending anyone who even utters the word “home” to Mr.Goulette. Thanks again Fairway!

  • Lawrence L

    November 20,2018

    Most of all , whenever I had a question no matter what it was , Derek was there with the answer. VERY PROFESSIONAL.....

  • Elizabeth C

    November 15,2018

    Very helpful and knowledgeable .. made the process easy. Communicated along the way.

  • Darrell M

    November 15,2018

    The professional, caring, constant communications with Derek and his assistant. Worked hard in our interest. Darrell Manning

  • Jerrard P

    November 8,2018


  • Leonard C

    October 26,2018

    Worked with our problem and was able to close the house in a very short period of time

  • Lisa B

    October 22,2018

    Derek was very informative and answered all our questions promptly. He was amazing to work with.

  • Michael M

    September 28,2018

    Kept me well informed throughout the process

  • Kyle M

    September 22,2018

    Working with Derek was amazing!! Made the process seamless and stress free!! Highly recommend Derek and his team!!

  • Richard E

    September 21,2018

    Better communication early on. A more complete exploration of bridging loan options.

  • Jessica M

    August 31,2018

    Derek and team worked hard to close on our home loan, quickly! Excellent customer service and an overall great experience for my husband and I. I would totally recommend.

  • Milton A

    August 15,2018

    Derek was phenomenal! He minimized the amount of documents we needed to produce and he successfully negotiated around a credit problem when someone stole my identity and my credit score tanked. I did my part by reporting the ID theft to the police and having the item removed (thus re-increasing the score)-- BUT Derek got my loan approved during that process. He kept me informed almost daily. Amazingly personable and very reassuring during a stressful time. Please use Derek.

  • Reid A

    August 15,2018

    Derek was phenomenal! He minimized the amount of documents we needed to produce and he successfully negotiated around a credit problem when someone stole my identity and my credit score tanked. I did my part by reporting the ID theft to the police and having the item removed (thus re-increasing the score)--BUT Derek got my loan approved during that process. He kept me informed almost daily. Amazingly personable and very reassuring during a stressful time. Please use Derek.

  • Theodora B

    August 10,2018

    Derek made our experience extremely easy and stress free! He was on top of the entire process from beginning to end. He was extremely organized. All we had to do was show up and sign the papers! Thank you Derek!

  • Allan L

    August 6,2018

    helped in every way for us to get this condo 3000 miles away from where we live today.

  • Linda M

    August 3,2018

    The service was great, I was always keep abreast of the documents I needed and was able to sign by computer. Which was very convenient.

  • Daniel N

    August 3,2018

    He got everything done he promised. Closed on time and in the amount discussed early in the process.

  • Alfonso M

    August 3,2018

    Excellent, fast, available. Takes the time to walk you through the process of you’re a first time home buyer. I would highly recommend Derek and his team. Thankful for his assistance. -Al M

  • James M

    August 1,2018

    Derek’s Creativity with loan structuring, excellent expectation setting skills, his regular communication of loan process updates, his understandable and concise explanations of information at each key moment in the process.

  • Lauren G

    July 22,2018

    Derek made the entire home purchasing process unbelievably easy! He was always quick to respond with any questions or concerns that I had. I would highly recommend Derek to anyone I know who is looking to purchase.

  • Cassie M

    July 2,2018

    Working with Derek and his crew was so easy. They explained everything and answered every question. Great people.

  • William M

    July 2,2018

    Derek was very informative and quick to respond to any questions or concerns we had. Our real estate agent called him on a Saturday and he answered on the first ring.

  • David B

    June 30,2018

    Derek was exceptional through all stages of the process.

  • Randall G

    June 29,2018

    From the very first conversation with Derek, I knew that this process would be a success. Derek and his team where committed to customer service and provided the professionalism that one would expect when making such an important decision like a home purchase. During every step of the process I was well informed and knew exactly what was going on with my loan and next steps or expectation for me. This has been the BEST home purchase experience I have ever had and would strongly recommend Derek G

  • Kelly B

    June 27,2018

    Derek is super communicative and makes the process of buying a home seem easy! He goes above and beyond for his clients, and gives an extra personal touch that is hard to find these days.

  • Rachel P

    June 24,2018

    Derek worked fast and efficiently to take care of everything on his end of business to ensure a closing date on time.

  • Robert C

    June 24,2018

    Very professional, prompt and dedicated.. I would recommend using Derek Goulette in the mortagage process. He really made the process so simple..

  • Brett D

    June 22,2018

    Extremely prompt in responsding to any questions or concerns I had throughout the process while maintaining a high level of professionalism.

  • Johnnette M

    June 20,2018

    Derek understood my situation and was available to me the entire time during this process....I greatly appreciated his time and effort towards this transition.....Thanks again Derek

  • Michael S

    June 20,2018

    I appreciate the communication from Derek, keeping me informed on the process of the loan. Very professional!

  • Shandi C

    June 20,2018

    We had a fantastic experience working with Derek. Derek made applying for a mortgage streamline and less stressful. He responded to all of our questions and concerns quickly. I will highly recommend him to anyone that will apply for a mortgage in the future. There is no reason to use anyone else!

  • Mary S

    June 3,2018

    Derek was always available to clearly explain the home finance process, answer my questions, and "calm my fears" with our first home purchase. He is very knowledgeable, organized, friendly, courteous, and professional.

  • Justin T

    June 1,2018

    From day 1 Derek was thorough with the goals and expectations of what was needed to be done. He outlined exactly how the whole process was going to go which was exactly how it happened. I want to thank Derek, Warren, Hayley, and their team for all their hard work with getting us into our new home! We are super excited and would highly recommend him to any friend or family member in the future! Super knowledgable!

  • Samuel O

    May 29,2018

    Derek worked extremely hard for my wife and I from the start of the process to the very last pen stroke at the closing table. He was available at all hours of the day to answer any one of our many, many questions and never failed to keep us in the loop with any big developments. We didn't know what to expect going into this process, but we are extremely glad we had Derek on our team to help us get the best deal possible! THANK YOU, DEREK!

  • Sydney O

    May 28,2018

    Derek worked hard with us even when our case may not have been the easiest. He made it happen and told us not to worry. We knew we were in good hands and are so glad we had his help to get us into our home!

  • Danielle N

    May 21,2018

    I have worked with Derek in financing homes since 2010. I strongly recommend Derek to other people I know with home financing needs. He is an expert in home financing and always have different solutions to help find the best fit given any circumstances. Derek always have strong focus on finding what work for me. This is my second home with Derek and I will come back for more.

  • Jared H

    May 15,2018

    I bought my first home last month off-market without a buyer agent. I was counting on my real estate attorney to talk me through the process and, while they were helpful, Derek was definitely the MVP. I came to him with all sorts of questions about the loan as well as the purchase in general. He continually impressed me with prompt and comprehensive answers to all of my questions. He gets my unqualified recommendation.

  • Pamela W

    May 5,2018

    First off I would like to say that my husband and I have bought several homes and this was the best experience we have ever had. Derek is warm, kind,knowledgeable, very professional but on top of that very personable. We felt like we could trust him with everything and that he would take care of it and that he did and in a very timely manner. I feel comfortable referring family and friends to Dereck and his team. Thank you for a great experience Derek. It’s been a pleasure doing business with

  • Nicolas P

    May 3,2018

    Very friendly and very helpful in the whole process of buy my house nice guy and i would definitely be very happy to do business with him again

  • Tara G

    May 3,2018

    Had a seem less and wonderful experience buying our second home.

  • James B

    May 1,2018

    Derek was great closed Us in 21 days with a VA loan

  • John G

    May 1,2018

    A great, no-nonsense experience! We closed quickly and the staff was terrific!

  • Sam O

    May 1,2018

    Derek patiently walked my wife and I though this process from the start to the very last pen stroke at the signing table. We felt like he always had our back and kept our best interests in mind from day one. We hadn't bought a home before so communication and "bedside manner" was important to us and Derek totally delivered. He was available at all hours, day or night, to field one of our many, many questions. The man is a true professional and you'd be missing out if you didn't work with him. Thank you, Derek.

  • Louis

    January 1,2018

    Derek was clear to close well before our closing date. Expidited our loan like a seasoned pro that he is! I would use him in a heartbeat! Great job!

  • Dave L

    December 1,2017

    Derek and his team make sure nothing falls through the cracks. And he takes the time to get to know you--even when you're across the country. Even took the time to reach out introduce me to a different turnkey operator in another part of the country, b/c he knew what I was looking for investment-wise. Solid, solid guy and true professional

  • user9787135

    September 1,2017

    Derek goulette was extremely helpful and very professional throughout the entire process. He even showed up to closing to make sure everything went through without a hitch.

  • zuser20170117163600242

    May 1,2017

    I work with Derek k this year for several months on purchasing a new home. I had a complicated situation and a low credit score. Derick worked with me for months step-by-step helping me with everything. He was always available and found the answer to any of my questions. He has since also helped my friend with purchasing a place. Top of the line service, could not have asked for anything better. Thanks !

  • sduncan2262

    November 1,2016

    He made an exciting time easy and stressless. We bought our first home quickly and with no issues. Derek was immediately available and I was able to call with any questions.

  • lyssalouwho

    October 1,2016

    Derek is willing to help you with any and all of your questions. He made getting a mortgage as easy as it possibly could be! I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a lender

  • user38084759

    July 19,2016

    I've worked with Derek since 2012 on multiple properties. He is very knowledgable, avpailable by cell at any reasonable hour and performed within the timeframes estimated and promised, at the best market rates and terms, which has not always been my experience in life in buying any product. I would recommend Derek to any prospective mortgage buyer.

  • srubio75

    July 13,2016

    I originally was working with another agent before meeting Derek who made it seem so stressful and challenging to qualify and close on a home. Then a good friend of mine referred me to Derek. Derek Goulette was awesome to work with in buying our first home! I know buying a home can be very stressful but Derek guided us through it with ease. Derek went above and beyond working with us and was always one step ahead making sure everything was in line and ready.

  • ssprod19

    April 26,2016

    I had a wonderful experience with Derek and his team. He helped me through some difficult moments during my loan process. Extremely knowledgeable and professional, and highly recommended!!

  • B1326

    February 4,2016

    Derek is outstanding. He did his very best to get me a great interest rate on my new home loan which ended up being far lower than I ever expected. In fact, none of my friends and family members who had recently refinanced or bought a home were able to get the interest rate Derek got me. Derek is also very professional. Indeed, he did not falter once in maintaining the highest level of professionalism. It is quite apparent that he takes his job very seriously. I also appreciated that he explained technical information clearly and succinctly, addressed my questions and concerns promptly, and gave me regular updates on the status of the loan. Simply put, I give Derek my very highest recommendation and I would not consider for a moment going with anyone else in the future.

  • lillianaearaya

    December 5,2015

    Derek is wonderful. He knows his job and does it well. This is the second time I came to Derek and I will continue to come to him for my loan needs and those of my friends and family. I trust Derek and that is not a statement I make lightly.

  • climbguru

    November 30,2015

    Derek has done several loans for me. He's a trusted advisor not only during the financing part but also the home purchase itself. He cautioned me against a costly remodel that wouldn't have been a good financial decision. He's helped me with refinancing and new home purchases. He's really responsive and seems like he's always available.

  • ptran1676

    September 25,2015

    Derek Goulette at Alpine Mortgage Planning was a pleasure to work with. Not only was he responsive, knowledgeable, and professional, he able to explain complex mortgage and real estate info in simple terms. I felt completely confident working with Derek, and he got me a great rate on my loan. He made what is normally a long and dreadful process as smooth and seamless as possible. I highly recommend Derek for his wonderful service. My sisters are actually using him for their refi currently.

  • Lesley01

    September 24,2015

    Derek Goulette and his team especial CJ went up and above and made my loan that had many challenges go through. There were times that I thought it would not happen ....but they NEVER gave up...Derek and his team are amazing....You must use them...very professional and friendly.Lesley

  • rajs325

    September 22,2015

    Derek is simply superb can't emphasize that any more. At one point my loan almost seemed impossible and didn't go through some of the well known banks. Derek knows what the problem is and how exactly to rescue the client, in my case he did just that. Without Derek my loan would not have closed on time. Derek is very sharp and is fluent with various aspects of closing a loan.

  • poyardee

    July 19,2015

    Derek did a great job in pushing thru our loan. Our situation is a bit more complicated than most we had multiple people on the mortgage but he was able to guide it along to a successful close as well as reduce our financing fees.

  • berniespiro

    April 25,2015

    Derek Goulette is an experienced, knowledgeable professional. He knows what can be done and how to do it. Derek has arranged for two financings for me and done excellent work on both. Compliments, also, to C.J. Poitevin, an Alpine staff member who is thoughtful and efficient in working with clients. Derek and staff are people you want to do business with.

  • colleenj02

    March 20,2015

    Derek Goulette surpassed all of my expectations. It is obvious that he likes his job and works hard to build a relationship with clients. I have already referred some relatives to him because I know he will work to find them a better mortgage. He comes with my highest recommendation.

  • vern a

    March 6,2015

    Derek was knowledgeable and very quick to respond to my concerns. The refinance process was smooth and efficient. This was the second time that I dealt with Derek on the refinancing of my VA loan. Derek monitored the interest rate and advised me of potential savings.

  • cryzis

    January 31,2015

    Derek has worked with me on an initial loan for a new purchase in Carlsbad, and later on, he worked with me on a refinance of the same loan. While progressing on the loan, he kept me well informed, and made himself available to answer my questions at all times. I appreciate him taking the initiative to inform me months after my initial loan, when i could save money with a no cost refinance. Had it not been for Derek, i would still be paying a higher monthly mortgage, but his input helped reduce my expense, with no cost out of pocket. I appreciate all his efforts to help.

  • scott k

    January 26,2015

    Derek did a phenomenal job assessing my needs and situation and then providing a great solution. His honest feedback and quick turnaround allowed my family and I to purchase a home that we love. I would highly recommend Derek to anyone in need of a mortgage broker.

  • cassieumberger4

    January 24,2015

    Derek was awesome to work with, he consistently communicated and updated us as to the status of our mortgage. Let us know what to expect and delivered on his commitments. What should have been a complicated process (90/10 on a jumbo) went seamlessly. You would be crazy to use anyone else!

  • jacob5137

    January 23,2015

    Derek and Alpine mortgage have been there to help me with 2 refinances and a purchase in the last 12 months. Derek and his team have effectively saved me $1000's of dollars over the life of the loans. They communicate very well so you always know what is going on, where you are in the process, and what the next steps include, you will not be lost for a second. If you are even thinking about buying or refinancing then you owe it to your self to contact Derek ASAP.

  • jzbz2224

    January 22,2015

    Derek has helped us refinance our home twice. He was straight forward by giving us all the necessary information up front in order for us to make our decisions. He was quick in getting the process done which we really liked.

  • user8637866

    May 8,2014

    While in escrow, we had to abruptly change mortgage companies because the initial company wasn't fully knowledgable in the VA home loan process. Derek and his team at Alpine Mortgage Planning are fully knowledgable in the VA home loan process. Within two weeks of proceeding with Alpine Mortgage Planning, we closed escrow. We enthusiastically recommend Derek Goulette and company for those seeking a VA home loan. Thanks to Team Derek and Jaime Morrell (realtor) for making our first-time home buying experience a pleasant one. We were always well-informed throughout the process.

  • Mikhail B

    March 11,2014

    Derek Goulette is the person you can trust who. He and people from his team made every step very professional and clear. I would defensively recommend him to everybody and specially to people with not good chance to get loan - Derek can help you a lot.

  • user7118603

    March 10,2014

    Derek recently helped us with our home refi. We were a little hesitant to make the plunge, but Derek's expertise helped us feel confident we were making the right decision. Derek is professional and works quickly to resolve any problems that come up. He was insightful, motivated, and very easy to work with. Highly recommend!

  • kabbott6

    February 28,2014

    Being an Escrow Officer for the last 27 years, I work with and personally know several lenders. I have worked with Derek for several years and believe him to be one of the best in the business. His knowledge and foresight give him an advantage to know what is going to be best for his clients. With my loan, I had a time restriction that I needed to meet. It only took him 8 days from taking my application to getting it approved. If you are looking to purchase or refinance your current home and want to do it quick and without a lot of stress, call Derek and let him and his team do what they do best.Get loans closed!

  • chasmanscoffee

    February 23,2014

    Derek Helped my wife and I go through the process of pre approval to the actual loan. He was helpful in providing me with different options to choose from so we could make a more informed decision as to the type of loan we should get. Derek is friendly, courteous and willing to go the extra mile for you. I would highly recommend that you use Derek for your lending needs, he also has competent assistants that are always willing to help when necessary.

  • doordok

    February 7,2014

    Derek really helped me through a few issues, with myself being a 1st time home buyer.he believed he could help me at the very beginning of our meeting, and did just that very thing. 5 stars in all those catagories do not even tell the story, I would give him much more than that if able. my wife and myself would HIGHLY recommend Derek to anyone at any time for his service. very personable and easy to talk to and deal with.

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